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(Oct 07, 2012)
Im playing again
(Sep 13, 2012)
Erm, Who's playing what?? lonely slug
(Sep 03, 2012)
if you are playing guild wars 2 what are your nicknames so i could add you :)
(Aug 22, 2012)
As soon as it's there, that is.
(Aug 22, 2012)
Would it be an idea to start a massive thread where everyone can post their GW2 name, so we could get something going? ^^
(Aug 22, 2012)
I will play GW2, starting 26th of August, Vabbi server
(Aug 20, 2012)
Got no days headstart
(Aug 19, 2012)
well if u have log in on forums and check the announcement guys
(Aug 19, 2012)
amn u get prepurchase or preorder
(Aug 19, 2012)
yo guys
(Aug 14, 2012)
is anyone here?
(Aug 12, 2012)
how is everyone? :)
(Aug 12, 2012)
And I bought GW2, yay..
(Jul 30, 2012)
I might give it a shot but I'm pretty sure I'm bored within a month.. moving on to GW2 probably
(Jul 28, 2012)
no really not. i'm moving to GW2 and try it
(Jul 22, 2012)
Anyone going to play MoP when it releases?
(Jul 20, 2012)
(Jul 16, 2012)
(May 11, 2012)
(Apr 30, 2012)
Gl guys, it was a pleasure to play wow with you. I quit wow, and I sell the account to be sure, never play wow. Take care guys. Cesko, the proud rogue.