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Raid Videos

[Pinned] [MUST READ] before posting anything in this section Raid videos Section

Strictly only Last Legion Raid videos only.any comments on UI elements or video capture or Music comment in the section the video is in please :P p.s non of the music i use is from movies or stuff like that if u want the music youll have to come t...
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Raid Videos

Last Legion: Cataclysm Tier 12 Raid Videos

Here's a list of raid videos for Tier 11 - Firelands.Beth'tilac 25 normal: 25 normal: 25 normal: ...
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Raid Videos

Raid Video Music

Yea so we need some pro sounding music for the raid boss kills, we need a link and if there is any pro points you want to point out then geif a time. - Van Helsing Theme
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Raid Videos

Last Legion: Cataclysm Tier 11 Raid Videos

No music. I might revisit at some point and edit it a bit but here's the raw footage with teamspeak and ingame sounds:Argaloth 25 normal: 25 normal: ...
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Raid Videos

T 12 and Videos

So we were talking about recording different povs for t12 content can i have a show of hands who is capable of recording a vid without decrease in performance and has time to upload a few gigsI need to know:- Your resolution - 1650 x1080how many h...
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Raid Videos

Lich King 25

1080p available
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Raid Videos

Lady Deathwhisper 25 man Heroic

Here is a video what i recorded Thursday. I have post it on warcraftmovies.comLinkI only need to find a better recording program.
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Raid Videos

VS Ice Crown Citadel 25

You watch all in HD at my You tube chanP.s some of these vids dont work in HD for some reason can anyone tell me why? when u click on HD it brings up an error or jsut doesnt play p.s.s i think the quality sucks dont u guys? you tube i hate, prolly...
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Raid Videos

ICC25 video test

I recorded a bit of footage last night. I've been tweaking the capture settings and I also wanted to see what it looks like when uploaded to YouTube. Watch it at 1080p and fullscreen to get the best :)Tell me what you think. I might try and up the...
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