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LVL 1-60 IN 2HOURS!!!!DeleteD!He made another post and it got deleted too! !
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The reason why leroy is making boomkin!

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Friday humour

There once was an Indian(A Native American to be perfectly 'PC')who had only one testicle, and whose given name was 'Onestone.' He hated that name and asked everyone not to call him Onestone. After years and years of torment, Onestone finally crac...
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Happened once in raid Part 1

Sparklepuff: WoW i got a 16,9k crit so it's basicly an 17k crit...Illeri: w8 2 secondsSparklepuff: don't tell me your gonna beat my 17k crit!Illeri: Yup 17449 crit... So... Yes... Im gonna beat your 17k crit with my 17,5k crit!Feel free to comment :D
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You cannot be serious!

I mean come on! can't believe people really vote for half of that crap - it's depressing to see so much stupidity....I've got so much free time it's making me angry...
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For irons and others

This is the UI im gonna try today or tomorrow... tell me if u like it and ill link the page :)
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be imba

hey guys, stumbled across this nice character website: http://be.imba.hutells you where the character stands in relation to gear etc etc. might be nice to use it to check guild applicants as it tells you about their talents, if they have correct g...
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How to make cherry pie :P

GM knows how to do it :P
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Age of Conan review (funny)

Worth watching :D
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100% Completed my NVQw000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(if some of you noticed me being a bit stressed this was the reason ^^ i should perk up now)
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PvP before raids...

Zoning into an instance on a PvE realm will now drop your PvP flag.WOOT PVP HERE I COME!:P
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What happened to Deadly

Since i got back off my hols i've not found the time to come on the pc much due to work, out with my girlfriend or out with my mates..Raidin atm is an impossiblity for me, i don't even have time to jump on WoW alately..Basically i'm takin a break ...
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Final Fantasy 13 on E3 2008

OMG A new trailer of Final Fantasy 13 - and its comming on Xbox360 also! hah sony fans got pwned
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Our Reasons to leave Guild /cry

Hi Mates,I prefer do a topic about our reason, because not all members are online actually.First, i wanna thank everyone to accepted us so kindly in guild and in raids, i was really glad to join a such great & serious guild.The main problem ab...
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For illeri

before P.s Shai is tehre ! :PAFTER
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Nordrassil 3v3 BotB

Folks,I posted the following to the server forums today.This was driven by last month's pvp arena tournament we held that went reasonably well (grats Mike ;) ).Would any Guild Leaders be open for a quick chat about a best of the best tournament am...
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For naggy and larozbeams :)

I r doing damage!
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For Ironthorus :) UI im using atm... this is kind acool tbh :)
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Druidoo R.I.P*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(:*(
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Last Night in AV!

I was like WTF is that when i saw the 1st 3 hordes :D
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