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Small Nocturnus 13y
Nocturnus41663Small Paline 13y
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Patch 3.2 - so far!

I found some very interesting links to info on Patch 3.2Although the tier 9 gear looks CRAP, the set rewards look bloody nice.Theres also info on the tournament rewards, new instances and bosses - check it out anyway.RedPatch 3.2 compilation :http...
Small Redweb 13y
Redweb1853Small Redweb 13y
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The big Zul'Gurub mount farming thread

Hello all.Hereby, I would like to open a thread on how to solo the old Zul'Gurub mount bosses. Today, I got my Tiger mount and I managed to solo Raptor for the 2nd time. I will post how to solo the Tiger Boss as a Prot Warrior, Raptor Boss will fo...
Small Amnesys 13y
Amnesys31509Small Beastium 13y
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A big Gz

Watching your progress, glad to see you all doing well: Maybe the fact that Beams can drink now helps :)
Member avatar small Nong 13y
Nong31125Small Skil 13y
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X-Ray goggles FTW!

My 1st target... SMOKINGHOT!And the look of these goggles
Small Illeri 13y
Illeri1858Small Illeri 13y
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What is best recording/fraps setup

Hi guys and gals,I wanna try to start some movie making with wow and LL.I ordered a new computer that sould do the trick:Intel quad core i7 i-96512G DDR3 mem2 Geforce GTX295 in SLi setupMSI X58 pro DDR3-1333 PCI-E ATX boardill have it in 3 weeks p...
Small Eyeron 13y
Eyeron51765Small Healher 13y
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OK for starters u Right clik and view image.then u copy the picture save as blah.and upload to ur own space or summatill post them in the space below so yehBTW i delete the requests after ive done them
Small Nagase 13y
Nagase4513871Small Nagase 13y
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what will arthas say when he dies?

i reckon he will people are overpowered... i should of stayed a pala.. DK sucks ..RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR
Small Nagase 13y
Nagase61746Small Clikz 13y
General Discussion

travel series is the third seoson these guys are making and the first in enlish witch is not werry good but understandable. the 2 seasons before this one were werry good so take some time an...
Small Nocturnus 13y
Nocturnus21200Small Illeri 13y
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About my age

I´m really sorry I lied about my age, But i just wanted so much to get into Last Legion. I am fully aware of the fact that I am younger than most of you fine men but did I behavior like 14 year old kid ?
Member avatar small Mnizero 13y
Mnizero92368Small Iron 13y
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Hi all

So yea, hi all, how are you guys?Im sorry for leaving without notice..., something came up and i was required to go back to my home country. I wont be going back to UK until June, so i wont be playing WoW anytime soon. Seeing my daily schedule her...
Small Noobanooba 13y
Noobanooba51556Member avatar small Crappin 13y
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Achmed - The Dead Terrorist

Bored...Old video, but I love it!
Small Azareus 13y
Azareus21133Member avatar small Cyril 13y
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I loled at the new fricking patch

they buff:-Glyph of Light to your holy light hits 5 targets in 20 yrds up from i think was 10 yrdsnext day hot fix notes Glyph of Light nerfed in a hotfixThis glyph is vastly overpowered. We are hotfixing the range from 20 yards down to 8 yards. w...
Small Nagase 13y
Nagase31056Small Karfhud 13y
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the best change of the patch.

-Players can now open clams while riding a vehicle, sitting, mounted, stealthed or invisible.So fill your bags with clams people and take a long flightpath. This has really added to the gaming experience. ;//sarcasm offxe.
Member avatar small Xeanga 13y
Xeanga1620Member avatar small Xeanga 13y
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The Guild (videos)

These videos really made me laugh :D:D:DEnjoy! (I hope)
Small Azareus 13y
Azareus72482Small Niini 13y
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GO ! GO ! Pallyrangers!!!

to get you into the mood first playLinkwatch this too ....offical pallyrangersLinkITS MORPHIN TIME!! Alextrasza :--AHH after 10000yrs im free its time to conquer earthWe have been yellow ranger!We have been RED RANGER!we have been blue rangerwe ha...
Small Nagase 13y
Nagase21406Small Cipibox™ 13y
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Arena Points

Ok, I hate pvp/arena, but I need 175 Arena points for a totem upgrade. Is it possible to create your own arena tean in let's say 2 v 2 bracket, enter with just me, get pwned 10 times and pick up points the following week?
Small Zennith 13y
Zennith51453Small Zennith 13y
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Hey guildies! just a bump from me (the old huntard/mage/druid/wtf nub) just want to check in and say hi! Expantion going well? any epics yet? =)My IRL is going great. im lvl 80 in all my grades atm >:] big tests etc coming up next week and ever...
Small Zäta 13y
Zäta2946Small Moonie 13y
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999th Post

Bored, want to do something special for this milestone which serves nought but to highlight the amount of time I've wasted =PAnd before Vince comes here waving his ridiculous amount of posts, I maintain that a man sat in an office 24/7 has far gre...
Small Iron 13y
Iron51882Small Moonie 13y
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Thoughts please

I need a new mouse (think I spilled gin on my old one ^^)Thinking of getting the microsoft HABU, its within my price range and also easy for me to get hold of.Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.Mike.
Small Ronan 13y
Ronan128699Small Healher 13y