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#5302319 Dec 02, 2011 at 07:55 AM · Edited over 10 years ago
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Apparently the Looking For Raiding tool is an insult to raiding, with much reduced difficulty and hp of boss encounters.

They should really have boosted the loot on 25s guild runs but hey, I'm biased as the GM of one of the few remaining 25 man guilds out there.

So our intrepid raid team entered and took out Morchok (I call you!) and got Zon'ozz to within 12% of his miserable life.

Next time he WILL diiiiiie!

Onwards heroes!


Ps: Freeridere healed. He even dispelled! /giggle
Pps: Naggy has had the runs all week. /giggle
Ppps: Kingkong had a bath mate buzzing on his desk alllll night. /giggle

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