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The Player

IRL Name: Miodrag

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Location: Resita, Romania

English is our main language of communication, please rate your English fluency (listening and verbal) out of 10: 10

Who do you know in Last Legion that could sponsor you both in terms of ability and attitude?
Netranger and Miranya

How did you find out about us? RL Friends Miranya and Net.

Name your previous guilds and give a brief explanation of why you left those you spent a significant amount of time with:
True Integrity (Bronzebeard EU) First Guild ever, left due lack of raiding progress.
2-nd Guild Crystal Knights (Bronzebeard EU) left because bad community.
3-rd Guild Aurora (Broznebeard EU) left because Guild was falling apart and wanted something on my own.

Describe yourself in three words: Humorous, Nerdy, Relaxed

Are you going afk / vacation within one month of joining us?: Dont think so

Your Character

Why did you give your character the name it has?: Hmm All my Characters have a strange name Agonius stands for agony and I romanized it.

What do you like best about your character?: Imba Toughness.

What raid buffs does your class/spec bring to a raid? Abomination might, Horn of Winter.

Please link your armoury page here: Agonius

List any significant alts (name, class/spec, level):
Merauder (Bronzebeard EU) - Druid - Feral Tank/Resto. 60 - Merauder
Lobotomia ( Bronzebeard EU ) - Warlock - Demo/Destro - 80 - Lobotomia

What is your preferred PvE raiding talent spec? Why?: DPS - Frost. in 4 Years of WoW, I have only been dps-ing.

What is your Dual Spec? Is it geared enough for IC25 progress? Yeah i have Dual Spec. I am still leveling.

List your primary and secondary professions, please mention any notable epic or rare recipes:
Non for Now

How many Lich King exalted reputations do you have? On this toon non.

Your Raiding Experience These are from my Warlock.

What is your best IC10 and IC25 achievement? Blood Queen Lanathel Kill

What is the hardest IC fight in your experience? Sindragosa

List the bosses you have killed in IC 10 or 25 Missing LK and sindra. On 10 and missing last 4 bosses on 25

What kind of raid experience before IC do you have? (include any references to Pre and Post BC; and please be as specific as possible, "I went to Molten Core once" is not enough) :
Pre BC: non at 60, but done them at higher lvls
BC: non at 70, but done them when Wrath hit.
WotLK: Naxx 10; OS 10/25, OS 25+1; EoE 10;
Ulduar 10 Siege/Anthechamber, Ulduar 25 Siege missing ignis, Anthechamber Auriaya, Keapers: Freya and Mimiron;
ToC 10: Completed , ToC 25 : Completed
ICC 10 - 10/12 , IC25 - 8/12 Gunship HC in 25-man

What is your highest recorded HPS / TPS / DPS in a 25 man raid? Unfortunately I never recorded my raid parces.

List your main spell rotation / priority to do your job on a raid? my rotation for the moment is: Icy touch - Blood Boil - Plague Strike - Pestilence - blood boil - Heart strike and spam Death Strike while keeping Diseases on the targets.

How do you prepare for a raid? Checking: durability, food, flasks, coffee/smoke and maybe something to eat.

What do you dislike most about raiding in World of Warcraft?: Enrage Timers.

What days/times are you available to raid (list all)?: working 2 shifts at work 1 day and 1 night shift so i can only be online in the afternoon once every 2 weeks.

And finally

What do you bring to our raid team and community?
(this is your opportunity to provide us with extra information to set you apart from other applications and cover an issue not mentioned above):

I bring to the community a positive attitude the capability to express my self without having to shout, cry etc. Few years of Experience in Warcraft (Warcraft 3 player) Already Have two lvl 80's, a Paladin and a Warlock which i know well.
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This is my mate from the Bronzebeard Server, were I migrated from. He's rough around the edges, but can be cut into a more professional player.

IF you have any doubts, I vouch for him AND take any and all responsibilities on the things he does.
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Applying for social or raider position?

Grand Mage Clikz
<master arcane blaster>

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His dk need to eat more to get bigger it seems. Atm is my favorite number:)
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This is an old application template; there is a new one available for Cataclysm at the top of the Recruitment forum. We would need to know if you are applying for a social or raiding spot so we can properly assess your application.
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#3901611 {deleted user} wrote:

This is an old application template; there is a new one available for Cataclysm at the top of the Recruitment forum. We would need to know if you are applying for a social or raiding spot so we can properly assess your application.

As a social member.
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