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Last Legion is a guild of friends and veteran gamers from our previous guild 'Virtue' and comprised of people who want to explore the new content Cataclysm offers in a non-hardcore style and progress through the level 85 end-game to finally attain our goal and see Deathwing slain at our feet.

Note, if you're an exceptional applicant in terms of attitude and ability, we will always welcome you.

See also our recruitment thread on the Nordrassil forum


Dear all,
Recruiting for Last Legion has been updated as of today (see below) to strengthen our raiding team for Cataclysm.

We currently have a very good crew of commited people who have a vast experience in what concerns 25 man raiding.
The core of our raid group were part of a solid team that killed Illidan, made progress into SWP and
managed 11/12 in Icecrown Citadel 25 heroic and got LK hc in phase 3 before the new expansion(Cataclysm) went live.

Check the right lower sidebar for a list of open classes and minimum requirements.

If you are one of the above classes and interested in joining Last Legion, please consult an officer (Skildraea, Nagase,Nocturnus, Nadders, Evilmal or Clikz).

If you consider you have what it takes to join one of the top Alliance guilds on Nordrassil,even though your class/spec is not on the above list, don't hesitate to apply, we will always consider exceptional applicants.



- Age 21+ preferred, younger players can be accepted over an extended trial period at the discretion of the officers
- A mature, "Can Do" attitude.
- Level 85.
- Teamspeak 3. Don't have to speak, but be there and listen
- Good gear of epic quality, well enchanted and socketed.
- You must be able to commit to 3 nights a week for raiding from 20:30 server to 00:00 server. Our raiding days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with optional 10 man raids occurring on offnights.

Note, the word commit is emboldened because it's this mentality that will allow content progression and fun without the time-based "hardcore" aspect of WoW. If you sign-up to raid, please be there!

Additionally, If you're interested in raiding and nothing but, we are not the guild for you. Last Legion is about the social aspect of WoW just as much as the game itself. Many members have been playing together for a long time and as a new recruit you will be expected to try to fit in quickly with how we do things.

Remember also that we are a casual-hardcore guild, we progressively raid only 3 days a week, but we take that time seriously. If you are interested in raiding flat out for 5-6 days at a time, we are not to the guild for you.

Finally, please note that while we consider ourselves semi-casual, we still perform and prepare to the best of our abilities for the nights we do raid. Bring your Triple A game to the raid as we expect nothing else.


1. Should you have any queries, please post to our forums, or contact any of the officers mentioned above in-game or via a Private Message (PM).

2. If you have read the above and are still interested, please prepare an application copy/pasting the form in the post here:

Recruitment Template

3. Start a new thread in this forum using the following format:

Character Name - Class (spec) - Level


Skilgarian - Deathknight (Unholy) - 85

Look for the + Add New Thread

4. Please add a >:) emoticon to the bottom of your application in the section marked "Do you agree to the Guild Charter and commit to raiding 3 nights a week? to show you have read and agreed to these terms" - Manually done by > : ) without spaces.

Cheers and good luck!

Last Legion Officers

How to make a Last Legion application: Click meh

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