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Potential applicants! Please note;

Last Legion is very selective when recruiting, when applying we ask that you respect that it sometimes takes us a while to make a decision concerning an application.

If you cannot wait for 4-5 days (at most, usually) - then please don't apply.

Also, something that we probably shouldn't have to point out is that we expect you to be un-guilded when applying, we will also instantly reject any applicant with an application pending to another guild without good reason.

Loyalty is valued highly in Last Legion, if you cannot make this first step, you're probably better off elsewhere.

All questions must be answered fully.

The more complete the answer, the better impression you provide Last Legion with to assess whether you are chosen for trial with one of the top alliance guilds on Nordrassil.

Additionally, your application will set the standard for what we expect of you during your trial. It is therefore beneficial to yourself to fill the form out as honestly as you can as discrepancies between what you say of yourself and what we asses during your trial will be noted and taken into account.

Please note the format of the following template.

A reminder to start a new thread in the following format when making an application:

Character Name - Class (Spec) - Level


Skilgarian - Deathknight (Unholy) - 85


The Player

IRL Name:




Do you own an authenticator?:

Are you in a guild at the moment, if so, are they aware of your application with us?

English is our main language of communication, please rate your English fluency (listening and verbal) out of 10:

Who do you know in Last Legion that could sponsor you both in terms of ability and attitude?

How did you find out about us?

Name your previous guilds and give a brief explanation of why you left those you spent a significant amount of time with:

Describe yourself in three words:

Are you going afk / vacation within one month of joining us?:

Your Character

Why did you give your character the name it has?:

What do you like best about your character?:

What raid buffs does your class/spec bring to a raid?

Please link your armoury page here:

List any significant alts (name, class/spec, level):

What is your preferred PvE raiding talent spec? Why?:

What is your Dual Spec? Is it geared for 85 heroics?

List your primary and secondary professions, please mention any notable epic or rare recipes:

How many Cataclysm exalted reputations do you have? Please list them.

Your Raiding Experience

What is your best Cataclysm raid achievement?

What kind of raid experience before Cata do you have? (include any references to Pre and Post BC; and please be as specific as possible, "I went to Molten Core once" is not enough) :

What is your highest recorded HPS / TPS / DPS in a 25 man raid (or 10 man)?

List your main spell rotation / priority to do your job on a raid or 85heroic?

How do you prepare for a raid?

What do you dislike most about raiding in World of Warcraft and why?

What days/times are you available to raid (list all)?:

And finally

What do you bring to our raid team and community?
(this is your opportunity to provide us with extra information to set you apart from other applications and cover an issue not mentioned above):

Thanks and good luck

Last Legion Officers

How to make a Last Legion application: Click meh

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