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#619953 Jul 09, 2008 at 11:57 AM
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I posted the following to the server forums today.

This was driven by last month's pvp arena tournament we held that went reasonably well (grats Mike ;) ).

Would any Guild Leaders be open for a quick chat about a best of the best tournament amongst several guilds? 3v3 seems the best all-round option for fast results.

It would be a bizatch to arrange / organise, but we recently held a mini-event for my guild a month ago and it went fairly smoothly.

Something like Wimbledon (lol), some seeded teams based on progression ranking (options on limiting the number of contestants are few and this seems the fairest at first glance) and some wildcard entries to give everyone a chance at participating.

We could make it a little more dramatic by putting in a stake of gold with 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes or thereabouts.

Ofc, the glory of being a champion should be enough. ;)

Let me know with an in-game mail should you want to take it further.

If this sparks interest happy to try and drive it along (with help from other GMs) to a more concrete arrangement (date, rules, location etc).



I haven't put much thought into the reality of organising said event, other than 3v3, possibly 2 teams per guild. Maximum 12 guilds (we don't want it to go on for a whole day) which means 24 teams, split 50/50 horde/alliance (even tho there's more alli than horde, shrug).

Would be based on:

Round 1 - 12 matches (played at various arenas simultaneously) - knockout
Round 2 - 6 matches (played at various arenas simultaneously) - best out of 3
Round 3 - 3 matches where each of the 3 teams plays each other first to 3 wins.

Each guild would need to field an A team and a B team for seeding purposes.

Tenative thoughts anyway.


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#620106 Jul 09, 2008 at 01:23 PM
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sounds good if we sent out Own and trinity and a damage dealer class for the A team (turtle setup) we would be un beatable :D

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