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[Pinned] [MUST READ] before posting anything in this section Raid videos Section

Strictly only Last Legion Raid videos only.any comments on UI elements or video capture or Music comment in the section the video is in please :P p.s non of the music i use is from movies or stuff like that if u want the music youll have to come t...
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[Pinned] Recruiting: READ ME SECOND! (Template)

Potential applicants! Please note;Last Legion is very selective when recruiting, when applying we ask that you respect that it sometimes takes us a while to make a decision concerning an application.If you cannot wait for 4-5 days (at most, usuall...
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[Pinned] Recruitment: READ ME FIRST! (About us / Expectations / Recruitment status)

Folks, Last Legion is a guild of friends and veteran gamers from our previous guild 'Virtue' and comprised of people who want to explore the new content Cataclysm offers in a non-hardcore style and progress through the level 85 end-game to finally...
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General Discussion

Hello From The Past :D

Suddenly found myself thinking about you guys today and thought I would drop in and say hello to everyone...including you skil and clikz :PI was surprised that I remembered my login and that it even worked lol.Is the guild still raiding or is it ...
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Anyone still using this page? 😘
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Guild News

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2012!Pew pew pew! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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General Discussion


While I'm sure most will be interested, mainly this is a message for any remaining Virtue people.Andersnordic, the guild leader who took over on the departure of Skil was the man behind the Norway attacks.My memories of Anders are very good, and t...
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General Discussion

Is this guild dead or not?

Sorry about asking - is this guild dead, or we are going to rejoin after MoP release?
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General Discussion


Hi all!Long time no see.Hope everyone is okay and enjoying WOW. There might be some of you that still remember LJ and I. We wanted to give you just a little note on how we all were. Our little daughter is now not so little. She will be one year ol...
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Guild News

Destroyer's End!

We got him! Finally! On 10man but hey. He's dead! :)Thanks to our friends in HKA for supplying a few more ppl. Great work everyone :)
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Guild News

10 man progression

We don't normally place much emphasis on 10 man achievements because they're significantly easier (in general) than 25 man content.However, it's worthwhile noting that the first time we've gone in under 10 man circumstances and in very little time...
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General Discussion

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Last Legion ♥♥♥♥♥♥~!
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[Accepted] Primeus - 85 warrior dps - raider

The PlayerIRL Name:im shy about stuff like that sorryAge:25Gender:maleLocation:IrelandDo you own an authenticator?:yesAre you in a guild at the moment : noEnglish is our main language of communication, please rate your English fluency (listening a...
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[Accepted] level 85 holy/shadow priest

The PlayerIRL Name: StuartAge: 36Gender: MaleLocation: UKDo you own an authenticator?: Yes I doQ: Are you in a guild at the moment, if so, are they aware of your application with us?A: I am currently not in any guilds.Q: English is our main langua...
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[Accepted] Amnesia - Rogue Social/Raider

Amnesia - Combat Rogue L85The PlayerIRL Name: LaurenAge: 22Gender: FemaleLocation: The north somewhere :PDo you own an authenticator?: I don't.Are you in a guild at the moment, if so, are they aware of your application with us? I'm not with a guil...
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General Discussion

5.0 Talents

So, who's seen this, and who hasn't? Those who haven't, look, and let it ruin your game... think that says it all.
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Guild News

Dragon Soul 25: Yor'Sahj & Hagara double kill streak!

What an incredible first week we've had in there team!Three raid nights, four new boss kills and Fantastic on his way to Legendary goodness!Fantastic! But can ppl stop dying to ice? Tyvm :p
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Guild News

Dragon Soul 25: Zon'ozz (aka Vezax mk2) down!

He died. Splat. I even beat Own in a game of tennis ^^When we pull it together it's just awesomesauce. Make me proud folks :)Grats to the winners of their shiny new tier and onwards to the next challenge!Skil
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[Accepted] Symona - Mage (Arcane) - 60 - Social

The PlayerIRL Name: SimonAge: 44Gender: MaleLocation: TwickenhamDo you own an authenticator?:NoAre you in a guild at the moment, if so, are they aware of your application with us? Not in a guildEnglish is our main language of communication, please...
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Guild News

Morchok down - our first kill in Dragon Soul 25!

Apparently the Looking For Raiding tool is an insult to raiding, with much reduced difficulty and hp of boss encounters.They should really have boosted the loot on 25s guild runs but hey, I'm biased as the GM of one of the few remaining 25 man gui...
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